About Me

My name is Kate and I have a passion for craft and quilling. I am continually improving my craft techniques and at the same time I enjoy undertaking all sorts of projects for all my friends and family. So have a look around and enjoy the free content (tutorials and techniques) that I have got to offer.

Here you will find inspiration to create all kinds of cards and crafts made using quilling techniques and more (believe me it is not so hard) combined with concrete examples – thank you cards, invitations, for all sorts of occasions (birthdays, baptisms, wedding). I will share with you the most important techniques and tricks on how to add character to your cards, which will highlight your work and create a memorable symbolic gift for its recipient.

This blog consists two types of posts.

The first type will show finished projects which I have sent to friends or created by request.. These posts will contain information around where the idea for the cards came from as well as a description of the implementation, tools and materials needed to perform a similar card.

The second type is a tutorial. Step by step, how to create the item which can be used or evolved by yourself in many of your projects.

Furthermore I will share the reviews and where to purchase the tools and materials that I have used in my work.