2BCs aka Blog changes & Beloved couple.


It’s been a while but I’ve managed to find some time and do some quilling!


Before I move to today’s work I’ve decided to make some alterations to the way how I write these posts. So instead of spending an extra time on describing the whole process of how I make each project, I will keep text to the minimum – short info about the project should be sufficient. This will give me more time to create some interesting posts such as more detailed tutorials which then will be linked to existing and future projects! This means more content in less time!

Beloved couple

This project was made as a gift for a wedding, but something like this could be also used for an anniversary or a valentines gift. I’ve decided to keep it simple and clean however in my opinion making text is one of the most time-consuming techniques to use in quilling so keep in mind when you start your project and share your ideas of how you do it in the comments. Hope you like it and until the next time!


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