Collecting nectar.

Hi again, today I present you project inspired by my little boy who is lately mad crazy about the bees. I have decided I will make a design that will end up on the wall in his room.

The reason I did enjoy this little piece is that once in a while you need a project that you make for yourself rather than anyone else and so that it will stay in your sight not just for the pleasure of looking at it but also to remind you that you become more skilful in what you make.

As for the project – flowers did require more work although bees took some time to plan. Hope you will like the results! And as always I love the feedback so don’t hesitate to comment.


  1. Basic quilling tools
  2. Paper strips (I have used 3mm strips)
  3. Card base
  4. Googley eyes
  5. Crimper (optional)

Making of:

Step 1
Start with the middle flower, make a very loose coil from the paper strip and glue it onto the paper making sure the spaces between the spirals are even.
To make the petals simply cut the paper strip into the same length and turn them it to the semi-circle strips. Once you have it all glued around the centre of the flower start filling the petals with the beehive technique (how to make it video coming soon!).

Step 3
Move to the flower on the right-hand side, make a circle with the paper strip then do lines from top to the bottom (or left to the right, it doesn’t really matter). Unfortunately, the lines that will cross them have to be done bit by bit so cut the strips very short and glue them between the lines. As for the petals make the ovals with only one end.

Step 4
The only new thing with the flower on the left is his outside which you can make “by hand” bending the strip of the paper in even length back and forward or using the crimper.

Step 5
Once you have the flowers done don’t forget to add some flower stem, and here you can make anything you want starting from simple line and finishing with lots of leaves or swirls.

Step 6
As for the bees, the shape and the contours has been made in the same way as the couple in We Ride Together project. Both bees are filled using the beehive technique.

End result:

beesCollage beesSingle




4 Comments Add yours

  1. How cute is this? I love the beehive technique on the bee! Totally fitting 😉 and the criss-cross effect in the center of the flower is eye catching….nicely done!

    1. katecrafts says:

      Thanks! It is always to have a break from a serious project and make the kids happy 🙂

    1. katecrafts says:

      Thank you Yulia 🙂

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