For my dear Friend.

Hallo and Happy New Year to everyone!

This time something different, following a large amount of Christmas cards (not necessary a material for a post – maybe in the future)  I’ve decided to create something for my friend since her birthday also happened in December.

What we have here is a challenge to bond many different elements into one solid shape. It all relates to my friend’s interests.
It took me a quite a long time to put together the ideas and prepare the sketch, but at this scale this step is a must – also picking right colours is essential.

As the main shape, I have chosen the Trinity Celtic Symbol, aka the Triquetra and inside of it, decided to fit all the important elements.

I wanted to make it very colourful so that I have used quilling strips (3mm) in all sorts of colours trying to grasp the meaning of the element. For example, the brown Triquetra symbol as it is down-to-earth colour and it relates to security, protection and comfort.

All the work was made with the same quilling technics that I have used before in my other projects such as the Moon in the Good night sleep tight post.

So there it is, hope you will like it!





2 Comments Add yours

  1. So much detail. It’s lovely. I of course especially like the music staff and the airplane is fantastic….That’s what I need to work on. Putting several details together. You said you did a sketch…a hand drawn sketch on paper?

    1. katecrafts says:

      I am glad that you like it! Yes this is exactly what I did. Few simple rough sketches it is a good process to follow imho.

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