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Hey again. It’s been such a long time since my last post. I have decided – no more greetings cards – well just for a while…. I wanted to make a wall decoration that will decorate MY wall. I could say this project took me a long time, but I wanted to improve my level of quilling, so I didn’t rush it.. Lastly, I wasn’t under any pressure to complete it for an upcoming birthday or anniversary.

This project came to mind while looking at photos on pinterest of moon garden decorations. Straight away I knew I want to make the moon with the stars. Something that I could put up on the kids wall in their bedroom. Hope you will like the results and always happy to get any feedback from you.


  1. Basic quilling tools
  2. Paper strips (I have used 3mm strips)
  3. Card base
  4. Pencil and rubber

Making of:

Step 1. Let’s start with the project, think what you want to do, then draw the picture onto the paper with a pencil – make very light lines with the pencil as you will have to rub them off later.

Step 2. Starting with the shape of the moon, rub the drawn pencil lines off leaving only important points so that you will be able to glue the strips of the quilling paper easily along the template lines.

Step 3. Now do the same as mentioned above on the shape of the stars.

Step 4. Next step is to fill the insides of the moon (They can be any shapes you want). I went with the semi-circles and stars. Now glue the strips along the outside lines of the semi-circle (the best way to make the paper curl is to use the scissors or just the finger nail). Once all the semi-circles are done fill them with shorter paper strips – remember when glueing the strips make sure you don’t use too much glue so that when it is dry it can’t be seen. To make the little stars take a paper strip and bend it nine times with the same length and glue the ends of it.

Step 5. This step is to fill the inside of the stars. It’s pretty easy and the quickest work in this project. Simply make 8cm long strips of the quilling paper. Start with one end and make a loose coil, then take the other end and roll the strip in other direction around the quilling tool only a few times so that in the end you have a S shape. Now glue them into the stars insides.

End result:




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  1. This is amazing! You’re very talented Quiller 🙂

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