We ride together

Recently my sister and her husband had their 10th wedding anniversary and I thought I would make them something special for this occasion! This time I wanted to make something different, not just hearts or flowers. The 10th wedding anniversary is symbolised by zinc or aluminium, but I’ve decided to focus on the unity the married couple have reached rather than symbolism itself.

So, we have a couple (the gentleman and the lady) riding a penny farthing . They are representing class and stability. There is also plenty of room for love :). The overall vintage theme completes the card and adds a nice touch to it.


  1. Basic quilling tools
  2. Lightbox
  3. Base for the card (I did use the cream card 230gsm with the pattern)
  4. Quilling strips

Making of:

Step 1. The main shape has been created using different pieces found on the web. A couple of silhouettes did the trick.

Step 2. Start with cutting out the female and male shapes from the golden shaded paper. Once done, glue the strips around the edges of the figures. It is a tricky and time-consuming process. It needs a lot of precision as the details (especially the heads) are very small. My suggestion is not to rush, and glue the strips piece by piece and wait until the glue is really dry before starting another section.

Step 3. To decorate the bottom of the dress and the umbrella, I have made a few teardrop shapes out of the quilling strips. Simply cut a few pieces of the strips to a length and a few to smaller lengths and glue the both ends of one strip so that you will have that teardrop shape.

Step 4. To make the bicycle use the lightbox so that you can see the image underneath the base of the card. Start with the edge of the wheel – which is two circles. If you need more detailed explanation check my other posts.

Step 5. Next is to make the bicycle frame. To do the straight lines cut the rectangular shape out of the paper and put it underneath the card and use the lightbox, it can also be done by simply drawing the lines.

End result:



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