M like Maggie aka the Birthday Girl.

I have finally decided to make a card incorporating large letters made and decorated using the quilling technique. I have seen so many beautiful designs and was always wondering if I could make one myself. An upcoming birthday occasion was the perfect way to practise and try something different other than flowers or animals. So here is a quick explanation on how that project went.


1. Basic set
2. Lightbox
3. Pencil
4. Paper strips (130gsm – 2 shades of pink,  white and black)
5. Two different colour cards for the base – I have used 260 gsm (grammage)

Step 1.
Print the letter or whole word (if you plan to make more than just a letter).

Step 2.
Prepare the base of the card by cutting the dark colour paper in a rectangular shape so that the big letter will fit on it.

Step 3.
Start with a big letter. Unfortunately, my base for the M letter was very thick and dark so I couldn’t use the lightbox here. So what I did was cut out the M letter and drew the contour on the base card with a pencil. I started my work by glueing the strips on to the lines on the paper.

M Birthday Step 3

Step 4.
For the small letters, I was able to use the lightbox.

M Birthday Step 4

You can look at the steps described in my other project here (All the pretty horses) as they are similar and same technique was used there. Keep in mind that if you are planning to make the similar card as always it will require precision, patience and some time.

Step 5.
Last step is really up to yourself and your imagination. Here we decorated the letter (we can do both outside and inside) and the rest of the card.

M Birthday Step 5

End result:

M Birthday Collage End


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