So what do I need to make a fancy card… Quilling tools.

Here are the basic quilling tools that you can’t do without when making a quilling project!

  1. Slotted quilling tool – is the most basic and necessary tool for the craft of quilling, I recommend one with the long handle as it is easier to hold. The one from Quilled Creations is perfect for the job. TIP: You can also improvise and try to make one on your own (post coming soon). You can purchase it on the Amazon or Crafty Angels. You can also buy it in the pack with quilling needle in both shops.

Slotted quilling tool

  1. Quilling needle – a very helpful tool, you can use it for many things such as making paper coils with a small center, applying the glue in a very tiny items, remove excess glue from around the quilling paper and more. Again you can purchase it on Amazon or Crafty Angels (in a set of two).

Quilling needle

  1. Glue – it is important to use the right glue. It has to be one that will dry as quickly as possible and that it gets transparent when dry. I do recommend to get Magic glue or PVA with the applicator like on the picture below. You can buy Magic glue in Mixed Media Place and PVA on Amazon or Art and Craft Shop.


  1. Scissors – the best option is to use craft scissors, very sharp and small so that you can cut out tiny things with precision. You can get one via Amazon.


  1. Tweezers – they will make your crafty life easier. Make sure though that you will get one with a fine tip that will fit even into the tightest rolls. You can buy Quilled Creations via Amazon or one in the pack from Crafty Angels.


Feel free to comment or ask any question you may have about quilling tools and I will be happy to help!


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